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Full Version: Right, I'm orf
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Pages: 1 2 Faliraki for a week.

Will regale you all of my storys upon my return. If my brain hasn't completely melted that is.

Enjoy yourself PJ .... and tell us all your drunken tales on your return :applause: lucky ducker! Bon Voyage......
have the triffiest of times!
have a fab time PJ !!
oh to be young and firm and off to faliriki


have a great time PJ!
PJ enjoy yourself. If you can't be good be careful. :devil:

Northern angel.
Holder of the most honourable Wednesday night hussy award.

:fireman: Is there a fire service person to put out the fire if you get to hot?
Ooh you lucky bu**er.

Is this the holiday that caused a bit of a ruckus with Miss PJ earlier.
Isn't she going with you?
Have a great time PJ whoever you are with:bye:
Have a great time PJ, look forward to the tales, make them up if you have to a bit of secondhand excitement is all some of us look forward to.
Have a great time you cheeky monkey!! I'll miss you terribly!! Hugs and big slobbery kisses...msgirl:sad:

Don't forget to wear your name tag and return address lable at all times if you are going on the razz Peej...we wouldn't want to lose you! :blink:
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