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Full Version: Viva Le French!
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What a result for Scotland!! Can't believe that it wasn't shown on TV and we were given the English game instead! No offence to the English but you would have that that BBC Scotland could have given us the Scottish game!

Excellent result though, I am chuffed to bits!
Just seen it on MOTD Bella.
I heard at work that they had won but didn't realise that they were playing France!
Well done the Scots!
Better than the bleedin English did!
not to be pedantic but it should be "La" french.

gosh - another fine contribution in the sports section from moi!
Watched the first half on Sky - was in, of all places, a local French restaurant during the second half - but my son kept me up to date with what was happening. Spent the rest of the evening celebrating.

Unfortunately we have a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot after a good result - so I'm not expecting anything out of Wednesday's game!!!
I watched it on Sky - great game! The French certainly kept us on our toes with their two disallowed goals but I thought we played very well.
All that diving and rolling about on the ground from the French players was laughable. They were certainly getting desperate after we scored.
and not to mention all the guys out in kilts on a saturday night!!
And we really have to thank the "boy balls" because without them we would not have won!! The French are not very gracious losers are they?! :w00t:
Dolores Wrote:not to be pedantic but it should be "La" french.

gosh - another fine contribution in the sports section from moi!

Happy to be pedantic here! :bye: Technically it is really neither. I suppose you could say "Les French", but of course that is mixing two languages. It should, of course, be "Vive la France" or "Vive les Francaises".

Well done to les Ecossaises (I think that's right), btw. What a result!
Let's hope we maintain it for tomorrow against the Ukraine! My friend's hubby was commentating on Saturday and he feared for his life after Scotland scored as he could feel the commentary box move from under him!
Patsy Wrote:It should, of course, be "Vive la France"

Sorry to be pedantic but that should be 'Viva la France'. 'Vive' would be correct for a masculine noun though.
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