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Following the huge success of Channel 4's Big Brother last year, ITV are launching Survivor. Survivor is the latest reality TV show to hit our screens. The contestants are stranded on a tropical island and they must work together to survive, whilst elimanating each other one by one every few days. The lone survivor will walk away with £1 million. The game requires teamwork, cunning, endurance, and the winner will have to outlast, outwit and outplay the other contestants to win. There can only be one!

The show has already been a massive hit in the US with seventy-one million Americans watching the original Survivor television series during the summer of 2000 with follow up series since. To see the official CBS site for the US version of Survivor click here.


The challengers
Follow the trials and tribulations in the UK version of this fascinating tv series by . We have the latest news, a messageboard for you to discuss the show and the contestants, polls where you can vote on your favourite person or the one that annoys you the most! An office sweepstake plus lots more.

Could YOU survive?

You don't win.... you survive!


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