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The setting for the series is the remote island of Pulau Tiga in the South China Sea. It is approximately nine-square miles and is situated off the coast of Borneo.

Pulau TigaThe crystal clear waters around the island contain long stretches of colourful coral reef and are teeming with a variety of marine life such as barracuda, and shark. There is dense tropical rainforest all over the island and it is lined with white sandy beaches. The island is actually a nature reserve run by Malaysian guides.

There is a lot of wildlife on the island... macaque monkeys, birds, monitor lizards, rats, turtles, poisonous snakes to mention just a few. More info about the island at the site - click here. Pulau Tiga island hompage - site no longer working

To see some photos of this picturesque tropical island check out this page from the site of American tv station CBS. The US version of the first Survivor was actually filmed on the same island.
For photos and a tour of the island from the official UK site click here - Note: uses flash and takes a while to download.

Aerial photo of Pulau Tiga looking SE


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