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Nick was voted off on the first show, shown on 21st May 2001. For details on his final words see the summary of his interview here.
JJ the second person to be voted off, shown on 24th May 2001.
Uzma was the third person to go, shown on 28th May 2001.
Sarah was the fourth to be voted off, shown on 31st May 2001 summary of her interview here.
Jayne was the fifth to go, shown on 4th June 2001.
Adrian was the sixth to go, shown on 7th June 2001.
Simon was the seventh survivor to be voted off, shown on 11th June 2001.
Andy was the eighth to be voted off, shown on
James was the ninth to be evicted, shown on 25th June 2001.
Pete was the tenth to go, shown on 3rd July 2001.
Zoe was the eleventh to have to leave, shown on 9th July 2001.
Eve became the twelth to be eliminated, shown on 16th July 2001.
Mick was the thirteenth to be voted off, shown on 23rd July 2001.
Richard became the fourteenth Survivor to go, shown 23rd July 2001. Screen caps from the show.
Jackie was voted off by the final jury shown on 25th July 2001.

Charlotte became the Ultimate Survivor after getting all 7 votes from the jury.


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