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  The Marooned! Diary is a fun look at the people and events on the island.

The Official Unofficial - Marooned! 'Helang Diarist'
by Hmmm - 'One who was there.'

I have decided to publish extracts from my diary kept whilst on Pulau Tiga.

Day 1: We were set adrift off this Pulau Tiga island by Capt Austin. These people are just not going to get on - no-one said a word to each other on the boat!

We all arrived safely on the island. All, that is, except for Nick. He said something like 'I'm a navy diver' then jumped overboard. Unfortunately, he had his rucksack on which promptly filled with water. We haven't seen him since.

First impression of the survivors:

Jayne: Introduced herself as the Cosmic Child of the Sun God Ra. Ok, yeah. She seems nice though.

Andy: He started skimming stones across the sea - I think he's an ex-serviceman. He told me he was planning to frighten everyone and started standing on a log in the corner. Well, he frightens me.

Charlotte & Adrian: I've not been able to speak to these two yet, as soon as their feet hit sand they skipped into the jungle hand in hand and I haven't seen them since.

JJ: Big (and I mean big) woman. Ex RAF. Moved Vulcan bombers on the ground by hand. Big woman.

Uzma: She's been running around all day looking for kerolene. Didn't know there was anyone called kerolene with us.

Simon: He's having problems in the bm department, poor fellow.

James: Me - "What's your name and where are you from?" James - "Stop asking stupid questions!" I thought it was a little rude, but what is worrying is that he's reading 'Lord Of The Flies'. We'll have to keep an eye on him.

I think food is going to be a problem.

By Hmmm - 'One who was there.'

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