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Official book: Survivor: Trust No-one by Dan Waddell

Due out on 5th July. Pre-order now
List Price: 9.99
Amazon Price: 7.99


Can you make your own compass? Cook a snake? Build a shelter out of raw materials? If you want to be a Survivor, this is the book you need!

Available from

Castaway Survivor's Guide


Official Soundtrack

Check out the sounds of Survivor! Track listing:
01. Awakenings (Main Theme) 02. Awash At Sea 03. Vistalon 04. Drama On The High Seas 05. Swashbuckler 06. Snakes 07. Moodswings 08. Exotic 09. Barimbau 10. Choir 11. Braziliano 12. Rio 13. Gaia 14. Earthly Creatures 15. Ominous 16. Abbo Aurilious 17. Busy Survive 18. Simple Pleasures 19. Survquest 20. Tribal Council 21. Awakenings (Extended Ver) 22. Trust No One

List Price: £12.99
Amazon Price: £11.99
Buy it now


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