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This page relates to 2001 - ie it's out of date, but remains for fans of the show.

The show was produced by Nigel Lythgoe of Popstars fame, and is presented by Mark Austin from ITN. John Leslie of Wheel of Fortune and This Morning is carrying out the interviews of the contestants as they return.

Monday's at 9 pm - 1 hour
Tuesday's at 8 pm - 30 mins
NB - Times may vary from week to week

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Details of the first shows:
The first show was shown on ITV on 21st May at 19:00. It was titled "Meet the Survivors", and introduced by Mark Austin and on for 30 minutes. He introduced the 16 British men and women who will be the contestants for the show. He will explain that they will be split into two tribes and must complete certain tasks to become the ultimate survivor and win the million pounds prize money.

Second show will be screened on Tuesday 22nd May at 21:00 and will last for one hour. This will show the sixteen contestants banding together to find food, water and build shelter. All the time the contestants are under pressure to prove themselves and prevent getting voted off the island.

Third show: Wednesday 23d May at 20:30 for one hour. Three days have past and the first contestant has been voted off the island at the tribal council meeting. John Leslie interviews the first contestant to arrive home and talks about island gossip and betrayal.

Fourth show: Thursday 24th May at 20:00 for one hour. The remaining 15 survivors find life and the challenges getting harder. One of the camps is flooded and the other has an unwelcome guest!

Could YOU survive?

You don't win.... you survive!


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