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21st May 2001
- The Survivors land and the first contestant is voted off
22nd May 2001 - Nicks Story. The first contestant home is interviewed.
24th May 2001 - The Survivors continue to get accustomed to the island and JJ gets voted off.
25th May 2001 - JJ's Story.
28th May 2001 - Uzma gets voted off as Helang lose the challenges.
29th May 2001 - Uzma's story.
31st May 2001 - Sarah is voted off as Helang start to get organised.
1st June 2001 - Sarah's story.
4th June 2001 - The island is hit by major storm and Jayne is voted off.

7th June 2001 - Adrian (aka 'lazy ad') is voted off.
23rd July 2001 - The final four contestants must become two. Two immunity challenges and two Tribal Councils.




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