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Bushcraft Training in the Kent Countryside

The Kent countryside wouldn't be the first place you'd think of as a location for bushcraft training. However, nestled away in the woods in Westwell, Kent is a bushcraft camp where you can learn some essential skills and get back to nature.

What are bushcraft skills?

Bushcraft covers a wide range of skills including fire lighting, navigation, finding and purifying water, sourcing and preparing suitable food, identifying wild plants and animals, understanding the medicinal properties of wild plants, tracking, cooking on an open fire, shelter building, cord and rope making, and much, much more.

In today's modern world with all of it's luxuries and conveniences we have forgotten about the wonders of the natural world and how to live and work in nature. Bushcraft takes us back to our roots and is about connecting with the natural world again.

With less 21st century distractions present, we can focus more on ourselves and the challenges we are presented with. It can help you 'find yourself'. Being in a natural environment allows learners to venture out and explore the world around them.

Where can I learn?

There are many places through out the UK where you can learn bushcraft. One of the best places and companies to offer training is Jack Raven Bushcraft Ltd in Westwell, Kent, which is in South East England.

Westwell, Kent is just 50 miles from the centre of London. The camp is situated in some amazing ancient woodland in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You will have access to around 60 or so acres of broadleaf woodland. The camp is in a private woodland, which itself is in the middle of private land.

Jack Raven put a strong emphasis on natural history, woodland management and conservation throughout all of their courses. This is because they believe that this underpinning knowledge should inform everything one does in bushcraft. Preserving and enhancing the woodland in which you're taught is included into all of the training.

Wide Range of Courses

They offer a wide range of courses covering outdoor living skills, woodlore, bodging, camp craft, tracking, earth skills, carving, and wild food courses in Kent. Courses can run over one, two or five days and can also be tailor made if required.

Want to know how to light a fire bushcraft style?

Jack Raven have many happy customers and I encourage you to check out the many five star reviews that they have received on their Facebook page.

The company is run by an excellent and friendly team of very knowledgeable people.

So if you fancy learning some really important bushcraft skills, understanding more about the natural world, and meeting some new great people then get in touch with Gary Johnston and his team. Their web site is at www.jackravenbushcraft.co.uk.

The Jack Raven web site also has a great blog where the owner Gary shares many useful tips, recipes and stories about working, surviving and living in the great outdoors.


High quality, affordable bushcraft, wilderness and survival skills in the south east. Courses from 1 to 5 days.



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