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Robotic Cleaners

Technology is moving fast - You can now get a robot to clean your floors whilst you're out!

robotic cleanersThese clever little blighters will scan the room, then move around your floor and vacuum as they go. Robotic cleaners work best on either tile or wood floors and thin carpets. If you have thick shag pile carpets or thick rugs be aware that some of the less powerful models have difficulties.

Robotic cleaners will keep on working until the entire room is vacuumed. The robots use sensors to detect obstacles such as chair legs and are even clever enough to stay away from stairs. Some models use infra red whilst other robotic cleaners us ultrasound to find their way around.

The cleaners run off rechargeable batteries. Some cleaners will even return automatically to the charger base when the battery needs recharging.

Robotic cleaners are great time savers. Imagine going off to work with dusty floors and returning home, tired and exhausted, to find your little vacuum robot has done all the hoovering!

A name we all know and trust when buying online is Amazon. They sell robotic cleaners via their web site. Below I've listed a couple of the cleaners they have for sale along with some review information.

Karcher RC3000 Domestic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Base Station

RC3000 Robotic Vacuum CleanerThis cleaner has a 54 dB/A 'quiet' mode which in theory will allow you to leave it working whilst you sleep.

  • 2 litre base station capacity
  • 4 fall sensors
  • Dirty quantity sensor

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Electrolux ZA1 Robotic Cleaner

Electrolux ZA1 Robotic CleanerThis robotic cleaners ultra-low profile means it can get into areas sometimes neglected such as under beds and other low furniture.

The Trilobite vacuum cleaner is equipped with ultrasound sensors to find its way around, rather like the way a bat navigates.

  • 3 cleaning programs
  • 60 mins cleaning time for 2 hour charge
  • Troubleshooting messages display

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